DAIN has no doubt become one of the most influential street artists to emerge from New York, his pieces now an integral part of the city’s visual landscape. Unlike most street art, the artist’s intriguing portraits of old Hollywood glamour stars are not found on murals, but rather on rusty old doors, city mailboxes, and hidden alleys, adding to the arts undeniable mystique and charm.
DAIN incorporates the visual language of graffiti with collaged old portraits of crossed genres - a woman's face with a man’s body. His process begins with a black-and-white photo that he layers with old advertisements, printed fragments, logos, and miscellaneous smaller images. He then adds paint, and his unmistakable trademark of the “circle and drip” around the eye of his subjects stating that his artworks are “faces of eyes” that speak to him. DAINS’s work reflects his love of 1940’s and 50’s Hollywood glamour and his appreciation for an era of beautifully adorned women, revealing very little.


Since his 2008 debut on Montreal streets, Stikki Peaches’ mash-up wheat pastes have taken over the streets of Paris, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm and London. Using a variety of media including collage, acrylic paint, and silkscreen, Stikki Peaches’ work occupies a liminal space between the street and the gallery. The anonymous street artist is strongly influenced by pop culture references and lowbrow street culture.

He is constantly creating art that can be thought of as “beautifully controlled chaos.” Stikki combines images of classic films, celebrities, and musical icons into hybrid characters. Stikki Peaches had his first international solo show in 2012 in New York. Since then he has participated in the Scope Art Show NYC, Art Basel Miami and Urvanity Art Fair in Madrid, Spain. In 2018, Stikki Peaches is looking forward to his first Euro exhibitions.