Elle is a female graffiti and street artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She uses a variety of diverse mediums and tools on the street including; fire extinguishers, rollers, spray paint, markers, acrylic, wheatpaste and silkscreens to create a variety of tags, fills, murals and sculptures.
She has illegally scaled and painted billboards along the Brooklyn Queens Expressway freeway, installed pieces inside and outside of the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, exhibited at Saatchi Gallery in London and had a 200 foot video projection on the facade of the New Museum in New York.
Her murals of strong women cloaked in bright colors and wolf imagery speak to characteristics of female power. They’ve earned her attention both in the U.S. and abroad and established her as a warrior for gender equality. 
Most recently ELLE has been focusing on ad-takeovers with keys she received from the Public Ad Campaign, hand cutting colored mylar to create collages of images that she then illegally inserts into bus shelters in place of advertisements. 
The elusive Brooklyn based street artist Elle is not so elusive anymore.  She has finally after years of anonymity stepped out of the shadows and revealed herself to the public.