Jiménez Guerra’s work is mainly based on social and political issues and is informed by the culture in which he finds himself. From the beginning Jiménez Guerra was concerned with the way mass media is used to manipulate individuals — both in the past and in the contemporary context — driving us to accept stereotypes, especially those related to women. It is through playing with and deconstructing stereotypes and ideas found in mass media that he finds his inspiration. Esteban often uses recycled materials and other objects in his paintings to challenge commonly-held associations and provoke the spectator. He usually works on large formats where he includes magazine and other pop culture images, graffiti, slogans, and found objects. Some of his work also uses silkscreen. Jiménez Guerra is fully committed to the role of Art in the society in which he lives, whether in his native Cuba or New York City, where he currently resides. Born in La Habana, Cuba 1984.  In 2011 he obtained the BFA degree in the Fine art academy “San Alejandro” in Havana 2011. A year later, Jiménez Guerra opened his studio gallery in Havana called the “Almost Famous Gallery.” He used the space to exhibit his work, create art and hold workshops. He has lived and worked in New York ever since. Jiménez Guerra has participated in workshops and art shows at such institutions as the Aicon Gallery( NYC), the Cuban Art Space Gallery( NYC), the Learning Center Gallery(NYC), the Children’s Museum of the Arts(NYC), Art Basel( FL), among many others. His work has also been exhibited at the University of Essex, London, UK.