Photographer, mixed-media artist, philanthropist, and curator: this is the life of artist Henrique Souza. The Brazilian self-taught photographer began his career in his homeland of Rio de Janeiro at the age of 19, working as a photo assistant for fashion photographers.


In 1999 Souza set his eyes on New York where he starts a new chapter of his life as an artist, and his break came in 2003 when he exhibited his collection of photographs at Fire Island Pines in Long Island, New York.
Inspired by what he describes as the beauty in life, in mundane objects and real people, Souza is a visual lover – a sort of voyeur. Not one to be confined by rules or expectations, his art comes naturally. His work expresses the dichotomy of modern industrial, time-driven lives, alongside humanity. Intimacy, the need for personal space, curiosity and the mischievous nature of man are echoed in his work.


A visual storyteller, his photographs are intertwined with an array of unconventional materials, including aluminum, acrylic, Lucite, resin, and canvas. What results are moments frozen in time – an exploration of personal space, both sensual and tactile, and a feeling of displacement – being in and out of his creations.