Marin is a self-taught artist, who has been painting since childhood. She joins the Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia in 2014 as she was interested in further exploring other techniques. Ever since her childhood, you could see a clear trend towards figurative painting, developing over the years a realistic technique, full of a very personal symbolism. Her works give a message of absolute depth and reflection. In February 2014 Marin did her first biographical exhibition, including a series of works in which she worked on from the series “ Abre tus ojos“ “Open your eyes". After this first biographical exhibition, she stills continues to work on the series “ Abre tus ojos“ and a second exhibition took place the same year in 2014 in the town of Sollana, Valencia. Through the years Marin has increasingly polished its realistic technique to the point of becoming hyper-realistic, this makes the portrait take great importance in her professional life. Her portrait works include a portrait of the current King and Queen of Spain. The portrait was presented to the royal house in Madrid in May 2015.