Tobias Batz was a fantastically talented photographer/videographer/painter who lived and worked in Manhattan, born in Groton, Massachusetts. Tobias' style is provocative and erotically charged, marked by stylized scenes, often with sadomasochistic and fetishistic subtexts. His work is mainly large format prints that are hand embellished with spray paint and graffiti "mops" (markers). His painting style was developed using techniques ranging from the ancient to the modern. His work combines a stream of consciousness Samui and impressions of the modern graffiti vernacular. Tobias also "remixes" or reinterprets vintage photography, a nod to Warhol. Tobias was always stretching the boundaries of his craft. He would body paint exotic women and then photograph them in beautiful representations. He would sometimes embellish the finished photo to enhance the eroticism and beauty of his subjects. All of Tobias`s works are all one of a kind originals.


Detour`s founder was a friend and patron to Tobias and through that relationship now represents much of Tobias`s legacy artwork. Tobias shockingly and very sadly passed away recently at a young age. He will be sadly missed by all. The world will have an opportunity to view and own his astounding work through Detour Gallery.