Exhibition Statement

Culturedrone explores how culture, by its very nature, is both encompassing and invasive.  It is the drone that imposes on our private space.  The selected works provide glimpses into the perceptions of each artist and seek to act as a mirror for ourselves and society.  


Each individual processes culture through their own lens of social identity; be it race, gender, religion, or socioeconomics.  The artist provides reflective interpretation, commentary, or perhaps even an answer to these forms that invade our daily lives.


The gallery’s roster of both emerging and internationally recognized artists includes Alejandro Diaz-Ayala, James Andrew Brown, Michael Callas, Michelle Doll, DAIN, ELLE, James Gortner, Yunierki Felix Hodelin, Ibn Kendall, Michael Labua, Robert Preston, Holly Suzanne Rader, T8, Henrik Uldalen, and Max Wiedemann.