Vagrant Child by Michael Labua

Vagrant Child, 2013

Oil on canvas

66 x 96 inches

(Inv# ML21)


Exhibition Statement

Detour Gallery is proud to present its online exclusive show " Premonition Series" featuring paintings by artist Michael LaBua.

During 2012 and 2013, the artist Michael LaBua produced several large scale paintings depicting children and their families wearing masks. Most of them are posing for us, but in some cases, they are interacting with each other or doing a form of mundane activity, like riding a bike. I'm standing here at the gallery looking at the work, finding it somewhat eerie considering the situation the world is in right now. I'm especially looking at the smoke surrounding the subjects. The way it is painted is almost haunting and somewhat poetic. Like a translucent force at play treating their way of living. Still, they are making efforts to keep on with their lives.

It's been 8 years since this work was made, but now I'm beginning to understand how these people are feeling under these masks and I'm confident that you can relate.