She's Back!

Detour Gallery is excited to introduce to you our new Gallery Director, Shayna B. Schwartz


I am so excited to announce that after two years I am back at DETOUR.

Now you may be wondering... she's back?

Let me rewind the clock for you...

Back in 2020, I graduated from the University of Delaware, and with the world on pause, I worked alongside Rune to help catalog/organize the vast collection that Kenny has garnered.

During the tumultuous time of the pandemic, I found solace in being surrounded by the artwork my father has collected over the past 40+ years.

After some time in the gallery, a job opportunity at a media company in NYC presented itself in 2021 and I took and accumulated great experience from it. However, fast forward two years and I desperately missed being surrounded by art.

Now, here we are! It is wonderful to formally introduce myself to all of you as the new Gallery Director at DETOUR.


I am elated to be back supporting our fabulous array of artists!


All the best,

Shayna B. Schwartz

February, 10, 2023