Detour's Newsflash!

Detour Gallery has been open only a few short weeks and the response has been extremely gratifying and a bit overwhelming. We are representing an expanded roster of artists and offering an eclectic body of artwork, enough to keep you occupied for many hours. The only thing we specialize in is displaying and selling phenomenal Art that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere except at World Class Art Fairs. We exhibit realistic, abstract, outsider, folk art, 19th cent genre, street art, urban art, pop art, hyper realistic, photography, etc. and it is all original work. We even have a collection of very rare 19th century cigar store Indians and other really cool antiques.

Believe it or not Museums have already picked work from our walls to be displayed. You can currently see one of our pieces at New York`s Folk Art Museum. A large 19th century (1834) Calvin Balis Folk Art Oil Painting called “Family Mourning Portrait In The Parlor” as a centerpiece for their new show opening Oct 5th in NYC.

Detour Gallery`s 10,000 sq.ft. of high ceiling pure white loft space is one of the most beautiful galleries in the United States. It feels like a hip museum that you are allowed to buy the works and take them home for your own enjoyment.

Our PRIMARY goal is to enhance the careers of super talented emerging artists. Some of our artists are famous already yet many for sure will be. You will also find that due to the location in Red Bank, NJ and the fact that we do not pay New York City crazy rents our pricing is very affordable for almost anyone.

We are laid back and friendly. You can come in and browse or buy or just say hi. It’s all good!

Come say Hi to Rune (cell phone #732-408-3805) or Kenny (cell phone #732-663-9884).

You will get a friendly smile and no pressure and NO BS! Just sayin!

October 4, 2016