Detour Gallery was established with love for the arts and with the passion for helping the artist. We are committed to providing a setting where the artist can do the one thing they need to do - create. Meanwhile, our gallery offers the platform to showcase and sell their work to a global audience. Therefore we are immensely proud to present our newest addition to the platform, our book, Worth The Detour, celebrating our love for our artist and their craft.


Print Length: 178 pages
Publisher: Self-published
Language: English


34 Artists
119 Artworks

Featured artists:
Holly Suzanne Rader, Michael LaBua, Cleon Peterson, Paul Gorka, BNS, Mar Marin Leal, Mitch Berg, Esteban Jimenez Guerra, Dain, Konstantin Bokov, Yunierki Felix Hodelin, Michael Callas, Robert, Preston, Willie Torbert, Tobias Batz, Ashleigh Sumner, Kremena Lefterova, Max Wiedemann, Samual Weinberg, James Andrew Brown, Fru. Bugge, Atle Østrem, Ron Haywood Jones, Julia Rivera, Tracy Silva Barbosa, Cat King, Eric Lavazzon, Mike Falcon, Alexey Terenin, Zevi G, Martin Schapira, Robert Padilla, Tom Duffy and Chjengju Li